Safe driving knowledge, tips and advice from professionals for your staff.

We help to ensure your drivers use defensive driving techniques which is key to protecting your brand and bottom line. In today’s world of rapid communication and social media, we emphasize the importance of safe, defensive driving to those operating company-branded vehicles, as more and more negative examples of business drivers are being shared.

Why choose advanced technique

Our advanced technique include discussions and fact-sharing regarding the hazards of today’s roadways, the ever increasing instances of distracted driving, causes and effects of aggressive driving and road rage, the importance of proper vehicle maintenance, the impact on your brand from improper driving.

We carryout a full driver testing to discover level of fitness for the job

As the demand for chuffers increase, there is need for you to be sure how good your drivers are either for Trucks, Minivan, car or Bike. Our testing department is tailored at testing for driver or rider skills as the case may be to confirm if they have the required skills to drive/ ride defensively.

1. Breathalyzers: to check alcohol level of the driver
2. Certify if drivers’ license is valid as well as international driver’s license
3. Check driver aggression level