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How to check the authenticity of driving school in Nigeria

By March 11, 2017September 23rd, 20194 Comments

So you want to find out if the certificate you have been giving by a driving school you just enrolled in or about to enroll in is authentic, since you will be needing it for your capturing process and getting your permanent driving license?

Here are the following steps to find out

  1. Has the driving school been certified by FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps) to operate?
  2. Has the driving school been profiled on the FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps) License processing portal?

Just to explain further, before any company can operate as a driving school in Nigeria it must be accredited by the FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps), this measure was taken to ensure accurate data of company operating as a driving school is kept, and to monitor the issuance of drivers license which also helps to reduce the rate of accidents on Nigerian roads.

Here’s how to know if a driving school has been certified, you will have to verify if the driving school is accredited and has been given the right to operate as a driving school in Nigeria by FRSC, this will be done through the FRSC Official website.

As stated by FRSC, Certification is the final process in the chain of procedures for establishing a driving school in Nigeria. Driving schools are assessed to ascertain the quality of facilities and trainers deployed for driver education and training. The assessment provides for the different levels of certification, after which driving schools can officially engage in driver education and training activities.

Click here to see the list of accredited driving school in Nigeria.

Pick the location and locate the driving school you are looking for, if you find the driving school on the pdf list, then the driving school accredited by FRSC.

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