Do I need a user account to use your website?

No it is not mandatory to have an account before you can use our website however, there’s a mandatory registration process required in which we collect your data and enable you to make payment on our website for any of our services.

How do I know my order has been completed

After a successful registration and payment, you will receive an email notification in your email and a follow up note on your order summary.


What kind of car and transmission do you use?

Vehicles offered at A1 Driving School are automatic and manual transmission on all our lesson.

What if my payment fail after registration?

If after you have gone through the registration process and due to network glitch your payment didn’t go through. You can request for our banking details via any of our contact channel so you can make a bank transfer.

Can I learn with an AC car?

All our vehicle are equipped with air condition but attract a fee of N700 per day. This is due to the cost of fueling the car and keeping up with the standard we have set already.

Can I use my account for some else?

No, it is not possible to use your account for someone else.
One user per-account.

What is Pick and Drop?

This options let our instructors come to your location to pick you for your training and afterwards drop you off.

This option comes at an extra cost and it is calculated automatically based on your location and the number of days your training will last for.

How long does it take to process drivers license

I takes maximum of 4 working days to process

It takes 6 weeks to process, subject to the FRSC portal availability as we experience network glitch occasionally.

Do you accept bank transfer instead of card payment?

We understand that you may be hesitant to use your card for online transactions.

Here’s how to make a transfer from your banking app or USSD.

1. Select the service for which you want to sign up.
2. Choose Paystack as your payment method.

3. Choose between Transfer and USSD

We hope you find this helpful?

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