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Verify certificate under driving school scheme

By March 11, 2017September 23rd, 201938 Comments

Before we further explain how to check driving school certificate genuineness, please refer to our earlier post on how to How to check the authenticity of driving school certificate in Nigeria

It has gotten to our notice that most people don’t know our to check if the certificate they have been issued is genuine or if it can be used to process the new Nigeria drivers license.

Since the new process of getting a drivers license was introduced by the FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps), all driving school company issued certificate WILL NO LONGER BE VALID to process a driving license, the certificate can just be treated as a certificate of participation. The only valid certificate is the one issued by your driving school from an FRSC portal which can be used to process your new driving license.

Sample of the FRSC Issue Certificate 

At this point you already know if the driving school has been authorized to operate. Now, to verify the certificate follow the steps below.

  1. Check the certificate for the certificate number just after your name as seen in the sample above
  2. Visit and follow the steps displayed in the picture below

This will display your information.

Note: Please do not attempt to adjust, edit or save any of your displayed information this should be done by FRSC special agent at the capturing center or by the approved driving school you enrolled through, this process is just to show the authentication of the certificate.

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  • Dave says:

    Will i enter the alphabet too cos my certificate has been showing invalid certificate number

  • Musa Suraj says:

    How do I know a driving school has truly enrol me on the portal. How do I check the progress myself.
    Also, how long does it take to get the certificate?

    • administrator says:

      There’s no available means to check if you have been enrolled or even track the process until completed. Also, the days taken to process the certificate varies due to some unforeseen circumstances that may occur, but the standard processing days given by FRSC is 26 days.

      Thank you for reading!

    • David says:

      Please my certificate was issued in 2017. Does it expire?

  • Stanley says:

    What is the duration for the driving school certificate before it expires?

  • Luka says:

    Hello admin., the name on my certificate is not orderly arranged. Instead of starting with my first name, middle name and last name, instead it is my middle, last and first.
    Is it Okay like that.

    • administrator says:

      Hi Luka

      The arrangements of name on the certificate is not nothing to worry about, when you get to the capture centre you can tell the officer incharge to help rearrange your names accordingly.

  • Akanfe says:

    Hi Akanfe,
    I have collected my original driver licence card, but I needed the (General certificate of drive education), pls sir how can I get it back?. the director of the driven school I went he has travel out of the country now?. Pls and pls what can I do?

  • Gbenga says:

    Pls, I am not new to driving, I have been driving since 2001, but I need a driving certificate to process my driver’s license ( fresh application) . How do I go about it.?

  • Oluwabusayo says:

    They did mistake on my date of bith so I couldn’t apply for driving license pls what do I do can’t they change it. Its should be 10/03/1995 but it was 03/10 /1995 pls wat do I do

    • administrator says:

      Step 1: Do an affidavit and police report for your date of birth.
      Step 2: Attach your National Identification ID / The slip that reflect your date of birth
      Step 3: Attach your drivers license and take it to any accredited driving school that can process drivers license to get this corrected.

  • Good Morning,
    The certificate issued to me on the 06th October 2020 and that it will expire in 3 wees time,
    how possible could that be? I was told that it will last for a year.

    • administrator says:

      Yes it expires in 3months, should incase this happens before going for your capturing you will need to re-apply for a new one.

  • Ihu solomon says:

    Good day , please I apply for driving certificate and I collect it this month, I went for capturing this is what it shows in the system ( sorry the certificate number is not not valid for any category) please what should I do about it sir

  • Victor says:

    How long before the driving school certificate expires

    • administrator says:

      It expires in 3months

      • Adedamola says:

        I have filled an application form . However, I move away from the area where my driving school is.
        Please how can I generate my driving certificate online to enable proceed with the application (bio metrics) in my new area.

  • Sefiat Sarah Aiyedogbon says:

    I want to highly qualified certificate in okun kabba kogi state

  • I want to highly qualified certificate in no 79 street kabba/bunu Kogi stete

  • Okechukwu Damilola says:

    I’ve applied for the driving school certificate at FRSC office since February 16,2022……its over 26days now and I haven’t received any message or call for capturing…… What might be wrong

  • Oladele says:

    Good morning…I apply for new driving licence since 04/03/2022 and it’s not out till now they are telling me network problem .. please how true is this please?

  • Oladele says:

    And they told me before applying that is 26 working days….and it’s more than that now

    • administrator says:

      Am so sorry to hear that, sometimes we can experience technical glitch which can caused delays as we don’t own the platform used for processing.

      Thank you for your understanding.

  • Adedamola says:

    I have filled an application form . However, I move away from the area where my driving school is. Please how can I generate my driving certificate online to enable proceed with the application (bio metrics) in my new .
    Thanks and regards

    • administrator says:

      If you don’t have the paper copy, you must have the certificate number. You will be unable to complete your biometric capture if any of these two items is missing. You might have to reapply.

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