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Check driving school certificate genuineness

By March 30, 2017September 23rd, 20192 Comments

Before we further explain how to check driving school certificate genuineness, please refer to our earlier post on how to How to check the authenticity of driving school certificate in Nigeria

It has gotten to our notice that most people don’t know our to check if the certificate they have been issued is genuine or if it can be used to process the new Nigeria drivers license.

Since the new process of getting a drivers license was introduced by the FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps), all driving school company issued certificate WILL NO LONGER BE VALID to process a driving license, the certificate can just be treated as a certificate of participation. The only valid certificate is the one issued by your driving school from an FRSC portal which can be used to process your new driving license.

Sample of the FRSC Issue Certificate 

At this point you already know if the driving school has been authorized to operate. Now, to verify the certificate follow the steps below.

  1. Check the certificate for the certificate number just after your name as seen in the sample above
  2. Visit and follow the steps displayed in the picture below

This will display your information.

Note: Please do not attempt to adjust, edit or save any of your displayed information this should be done by FRSC special agent at the capturing center or by the approved driving school you enrolled through, this process is just to show the authentication of the certificate.

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